My Mom is a Control Freak...HELP!?!

Question: My Mom is a Control Freak...HELP!.?
My parents are seperating, I'm 17, 18 in the summer.
It's good for them, I don't care. Now, they both want to go to Poland in the summer. Each by themselves. Each parent wants me to go. I feel guilty I can't go with one. My mom thinks she's going to force me to go to Poland with her for an entire month. I tried to cut that in half but she wouldn't see to it.

Since my cousin is getting married she expects me to go. I said no, that I had the right not to go, that i/'d be 18. She doesn't care says it has nothing to do with it. I understnd that out of respect maybe I should go, but I don't even know these people!!!

I have a BF I need to visit for a little this summer. It's something I have to do for myself. He has Cancer, he may not be around much longer that's another issue, but I can't go with my parents.

Mom says shes buying tickets after easter...How do I get her to stop.? Are they refundable.?


I just feel like ending it all, Im not looking forwards to this summer. Not at all. I feel so close to just stopping everything im so fed up and sick.

I told mom over the phone today that I'd move in with dad instead of her...And she kept saying angerily "You will not scare me with that again, that's the last time I hear of that.."

Shes such a control freak

P.S. My dads cool if I take a roadtrip...he said hed pay for it if I didnt go with mom...Health Question & Answer

sounds so much like my mother. i had the same kinda thing happen and i went into the army because my mom said i couldn't. it was a bad reason to go in but it shut her up quickly. my advice might be worth what you paid for it, ie nothing, but i would start packing to go to dads and follow thru on it. if you don't your mom does control your actions and you will never get her to quit. no means no and yes means have to be brave enough to stay by your choice. note brave doesn't mean not afraid to it means terrified not to. think about what would happen if you chose to do what your mom says and then again and again and again.Health Question & Answer

I would hold your stance with your mother and refuse to go. She needs to realize that you are an adult now and can no longer force you to do things. You need to have your own life.Health Question & Answer

Yep, a control freak like my mom. I'm 44 and she is still a control freak regardless of what I say or do. She will not change. SorryHealth Question & Answer

at 18 you can leave home and do what you like with in the law , i mean good luckHealth Question & Answer

you need to put your foot down and say hey! YOU! im a legal adult! i make my own decisions and im my own person!Health Question & Answer

your mom loves you so much she wants the best for youHealth Question & Answer

I am a mother of 4 grown children. Youngest is 34 and oldest 41. I can understand where your mother is coming from, however, when my son was 17, he didn't want to go to N.Y. with the rest of us and I told him he didn't have to. We only went for a week. He was suppose to stay with my best friend and her son. They were best friends. I trusted him enough to not force him to go. BIG MISTAKE, the things he did he would have never done with me around. Which is probably why he did them. I would never have forced any of my kids to go somewhere at 18 if they didn't want to. You can do one thing to get your mother to sit up and take notice that you will be of legal age. Tell her you are going to get emancipated before you turn 18. Maybe she will finally listne, I don't know. She sounds like she's pretty stubborn, I wouldn't want to go to Poland either or anywhere else where I didn't know the language or the family. Granted, it would be nice to get to know another part of the family, but you shouldn't be forced to go. My entire ancestory began in France. When we were small, my father's company wanted him to start a new company in France. He thought it would be great since we have a lot of family there, but he let us have a family meeting and if we didn't want to leave here, he wasn't going to make the move to France. Well, we chose to stay here and never heard another word about it. That's the fair way of doing things. Talk them over, I hate to say to threaten your mother with emancipation, because she loves you, sometimes you have to go to extreems just to make someone listen. Good luck.Health Question & Answer

listen all you can do is sit your mom down and really talk to her and tell her what is going on and the reasons you dont want to go if she just refuses to listen to you then let it be the end of the conversation and just make sure she understands you are not going and if she refuses to listen and buy the tickets then she will be just wasteing her money and yes the tickets are somewhat refundable so dont worry she will get part of it back but if she doesnt listen it will be her fault that she lost that money not yours cause you would have already told her and as far as the wedding dont go it doesnt matter to you you dont no anyone so dont no one will even notice you are not there if they do not no you by the way it is hard for a mother to understand that there child is turning 18 she just wants you to be with her forever so keep that in mindHealth Question & Answer

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