Did anybody else heard that when a woman is ovulating, they get more sexual?!

Question: Did anybody else heard that when a woman is ovulating, they get more sexual.?
I heard it somewhere, am i the only one that heard of thisHealth Question & Answer

Studies have shown that this is true. Women also tend to dress better (sexier) in those two days.Health Question & Answer

No your not the only way. Women will give off pheromones to attract the opposite sex. It's our survival instinct. Women will be more sexual to continue human extinction.Health Question & Answer

It's basic science. Women become more sexual because their bodies are ready to reproduce.Health Question & Answer

your body does that on purpose.. because women are fertile during that time.. so your body is preparing for a child.. and thats why you want to have sex.. it's natural!Health Question & Answer

I have that experience. Not out-of-my-mind in heat or anything, but there is a difference.Health Question & Answer

Yes. And we also give off pheromones to attract the opposite sex.Health Question & Answer

No you're not the only one who's heard it. Reason being is hormone fluctuation.Health Question & Answer

No, I heard on like the History Channels' "The Science of Sex Appeal". What a weirdass show.Health Question & Answer

Very true

SteveCHealth Question & Answer

It's true. Duh.Health Question & Answer

I have heard of that. :)Health Question & Answer

i heard it too.
not sure either.Health Question & Answer

OH YEAH!!!Health Question & Answer

i heard it tooHealth Question & Answer

damn skippy!Health Question & Answer

if they want to have a baby then yea i guess soHealth Question & Answer

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