When is the right time for a girl to start shaving?!

Question: When is the right time for a girl to start shaving.?
Please help! I would really like to know when I should start shaving. Right now, I am 12 years old. Should I wait until I "start", or what.? I don't think I have "started" yet.Health Question & Answer

I'm not sure what area you are talking about shaving. Here is a timeline of shaving you can try out though:

Shave legs: Middle school (6th or 7th grade)
Shave bikini line: Freshmen year of high school
Brazilian wax (woohoo!): Senior year of high school

Edit: I started shaving my legs in the 6th grade, but didn't get my period until 8th grade, so you should be fine shaving now.Health Question & Answer

i waited till i was in gr 7. in the summer though, to get practise.

and im glad i waited! your legs stay smooth for like a day, and then you get prickly legs!

also, you get cut alot.

i say, wait and see what your friends do. and make sure its okay with your mom :)Health Question & Answer

You start shaving your legs when you grow enough hair on your legs to be shaved. You can also shave if there's hair on your legs and youre planning on wearing clothing that will reveal your legs.Health Question & Answer

Well if you mean your legs...get your moms approval first but you should start shaving your legs soon.Health Question & Answer

dah start shavinHealth Question & Answer

I started shaving when I was about your age right before entering junior high. You do mean legs right.?Health Question & Answer

just one question ... what type of shaving are you talking about.? legs or 'down there'.?Health Question & Answer

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