Serious Masturbation question?!

Question: Serious Masturbation question.?
So,After i masturbate i always feel guility and like it's a wrong thing to do.?Why.?And, I was wondering when i start having sex in the future will i feel the same way.?thanksHealth Question & Answer

when i first started masturbating i felt HORIBLE. but then i learned that its normal and it feels great and its a great stress reliever. so just have fun. and in the future when your having real sex you wont be like that. you will hopefully be more mature.
good luckHealth Question & Answer

Do NOT feel guilty. Masturbation is a great thing, and it's the safest sex of all! If it feels good (and it's safe), DO IT ;)

Were you raised in a very religious household.? Sometimes people like that have been taught to feel guilty about things like masturbation (or sex out of wedlock), when it's just a normal part of human life. Hopefully you won't feel guilty when you have sex in the future... As long as it's with someone in a committed relationship and you're practicing safe sex, you should not beat yourself up about it! Sex is great and so is masturbate away ;)Health Question & Answer

You probably feel like what you just did was dirty. If you start having sex in the future, you shouldn't feel the same way if you wait to have sex until you are one hundred percent sure that you are ready. :)Health Question & Answer

Awwh. I used to feel like that a lot too D:
Well hun, just do it. & dont feel guilty.
Its completely normal, and can be a lot of fun.
Getting to know your body is cool.
So, dont worry.<3
Good luck!Health Question & Answer

masterbation is totally normal. It's just not really talked about much. I'm sure that as you get older you won't feel this way and by the time you are mature enough for sex you should be just fine.Health Question & Answer

Don't feel guilty! It's a much better option than having sex; you should be proud of yourself instead for respecting your body enough to not just have sex with a guy for no reason!Health Question & Answer

why do u feel guilty.? i think it's normal for you to do that... how old are you by the waY.?Health Question & Answer

hey i masturbate all the time and unless ur doing something to harm anyone else or ur doing it in public (lol) then i dont c y u would be guilty its naturalHealth Question & Answer

Masterbation at 15 if perfectly normalHealth Question & Answer

girl, there is not reason to feel guilty at all! Keep doin what you are doing until you KNOW you are ready to have sex!Health Question & Answer

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