Vaginal Smell? Getting stronger.?!

Question: Vaginal Smell.? Getting stronger..?
I'm 19, so this isn't a "what's this smellz omg.?" question, haha.

I know every women has their own "scent", and some are a bit stronger than others, but. Lately, mine has been VERY strong. I did have a yeast infection, but no smell, and i got it taken care of. I also have had a series of UTI's, terrible ones.

I am closeish to when my period is due (I'm pretty sure..I'm clumsy and don't track my periods. :S) And I've read that around your period you do start to get a stronger scent/taste.

also, I have just started working out about a month ago, and I seem to only notice it when I work out, so I'm thinking it might be the smell+sweat+period

Anyone else.? Comments.? =]Health Question & Answer

Well im not to sure, but i do remember getting a smell before i started my period. Like when i would move a certain way i would smell it. But once i got it like way before my period. I didn't have my period last month & dont remember a smell, but im close to my period too & i smell it too.Health Question & Answer

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