Wanna know poll: What does if feel like to have sex using a condom?!

Question: Wanna know poll: What does if feel like to have sex using a condom.?
I hope to find out some time.Health Question & Answer

It is like taking a shower wearing a raincoat.Health Question & Answer

Using a condom is TERRIBLE in my opinion. The inside of the vagina has no feeling, so the only stimulation women get are from the 'tugging' sensation from the penis going in and out, and pulling on your vagina lips & tugging on the clit some-what.

When you don't have a condom, the tugging is 100x better, and you actually FEEL something.Health Question & Answer

Uhm... using a condom from a females point of view, makes things very slick and smoothe.
From my boyfriend's point of veiw, it's horrible. He says that wearing a condom and not wearing a condom are SOO different.
Personally, I like feeling the real him =] and I know he likes it too.
But then again, it's very risky.
Whatever... sex is sex. It's awesome.Health Question & Answer

to me id rather use it because there so much safer. and it takes a BIIIIIG load off my shoulders with worry. we tried a little test run with out one and i notice no difference

good luck MelsHealth Question & Answer

not as good as it will without a condom ....but still use it.... its better to be on the safe sideHealth Question & Answer

Dull.Health Question & Answer

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