My daughter got her first peroid! What should I do?!

Question: My daughter got her first peroid! What should I do.?
Can someone help me please!! Okay! ...My wife is on a trip and she won't be back in 2 weeks. My daughter came up to me and said she was bleeding from down below. ....My daughter is 11 years old, and not sure what to do. I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO DO!!! .....I never took a single sex ed class in my life. ....What is a man to do with something like this.?.? Help!Health Question & Answer

go to the store and buy some small sized pads for her to use while your wife is away. there is a very large selection, so just choose whatever will work best for your emergency.
if she is experiencing cramping or pain, you can give her some ibuprofen or pain reliever.

another thing to make sure is that she is not scared...
make sure she knows this is something natural and that it means she will be able to have children now that this has happened. she should know that all girls go through this and she shouldn't be scared...

she is young, but some girls do start their period at a young age.
if you are worried about this it would be a good idea to make an appointment for a physical so that a doctor can see what's up.

if possible, you can even call up your wife and have the two of them talk together. once your wife is back i'm sure she can take over from there on how to use tampons, etc.

i hope this helped you!!

good luck :)Health Question & Answer

I'm 14. My friend got her period when she was 11 (like me) but she'd lost her mum the year before, so her Dad had to deal with it.
It's completely fine, you needn't be worried.
Take her to the store buy a pack of pads, also buy 'overnight' pads for night time, don't ask why, just do it. Your wife will be back before your daughter has her next period.
Call your wife, tell her to call your daughter and explain the basics to her. Your wife and daughter can have 'girl-time' when she gets home.
Don't worry, everything will be fine.

also, if you have a sister or your daughters friends mum that's close by, you could call them and get them to take her to the store so that she is more comfortable and they can explain it. My friends aunt took her.Health Question & Answer

Get her some pads, just from the store it's easy. Even ask someone there if you really need help. Just get her ones that aren't really big and you'll be fine :)
They're pretty self explanitory, she can do it herself with the directions that come with the pads.
Her talking to her mom or a close female family member/friend may make her more comfortable and give her the opportunity to get real answers to her questions. If not, look up some sites. I know it's weird but you can do it for your daughter!

Don't show her that you're freaking out, which there is no need for btw, just be calm. She'll handle it. Let her know that it's normal if she's scared. Be completely open if she comes to you about it.
Good luck!Health Question & Answer

go buy your daughter a box of pads (always brand) and a box of tampons (tampex: extra light)

give them to her and tell her she can read the box. i'm sure she'd be MUCH more comfortable with that anyway. if she doesn't understand, isn't there an aunt you could call.? you can't call your wife for advice.? your wife should be talking to her.

but for me, just have the supplies and the options would have been enough. i was more than glad to teach myself, i didn't want someone to "instruct" it for me or to "talk about it"Health Question & Answer

first things first. don't freak out because you don't want to scare her, right.? give her a folded up rag to put in her c l e a n panties and you may have to explain to her what it is although it may be awkward for a dad to do. Go to a store, usually a grocery store has pads or any store with a pharmacy in it. do NOT get her tampons because that can be bad for a young girls health, and it would be preferred if you got teen pads that say light flow on them, if not get the petite size that says light flow on them. You shouldn't have to explain how to put them on, it's pretty self explanatory, but make sure to tell her to change them every four to six hours depending on how heavy her flow is.

Good Luck Mr. Dad!Health Question & Answer

First and foremost remain calm. Ensure your daughter that nothing is wrong with her and this a natural part of life. I am sure you are familiar with a menstrual cycle i.e. period. If not go onto the internet and search for information on it and find the information you are most confident that will be the best way to explain this to your daughter. Getting her some maxi pads will be very important as well so make sure you do that asap. Dont worry you will do fine!!Health Question & Answer

Go out and get her a box of pads. NOT tampons yet. Tampons are for after having a few periods.
It's not a big deal, and don't treat it as if it's one.
Tell her that it's normal. And that from now one, once a month, she will be getting this period that will let her have babies when she's older.
Don't let her believe that this is some horrible thing, let her know that she's lucky because some people can't have their period. It's a miracle.

So, buy her the pads, explain to her that all she has to do is take the sticky stuff off of one side and put the sticky side down into her underwear. Once it collects blood in it, explain to her that she needs to change it.

If you have any questions, or if she comes to you wondering anything, feel free to email me. I've been there - done that. =]
Email is -
Good luck!Health Question & Answer

Go to the store and buy pads, preferably two different sizes (it will say in the box what size it is, and when it should be used ie. day or night), explain to her that it's normal for a girl her age to get her period because she's entering puberty. If she has cramps warm up a towel and have her place it on her lower abdomen, if you go to the store preferably also buy midol to help her with the cramps. If she wants have her look online about what a period is so she feels at ease and you learn in the process! =]
good luck.Health Question & Answer

R.N.Health Question & Answer

I'm so sorry. That isn't so much fun to go through right now. The easiest thing to do is go buy some pads at the drug store (or maybe your wife has some in the house). Stayfree seem to be pretty good if you need a brand recommendation. They have directions in the box. A lot of women use tampons, but those are sometimes difficult to get used to when you're young. Your wife would probably be better off explaining those later. Give her some NSAIDs (motrin, etc.) for any cramping she may be having.
There's not much else you can do. Good luck with the next couple days!Health Question & Answer

i was 11 when i got my period and my dad made it really awkward trying to tell me all about it. when infact i already knew and knew what to do. the only problem was i was on school camp and needed pads. so if you get her the pads odds are shell know what to do and understand it. ad then leave it till your wife gets back and she can ask your daghter if she wants to talk about it.Health Question & Answer

Go to the grocery store and buy her a pack of pads. Any brand will do. For now that should be good. If she starts getting curious send her to a couple of websites. Being girl is an excellent website. Above all do not panic. Your wife will be able to explain everything when she gets home.Health Question & Answer Question & Answer

Try to be supportive, just suck it up, and just do whatever she needs you to do. Try to be overly nice, because your daughter may be moody. Purchase a wide variety of feminine products for her to use, and have her call a close family female friend.Health Question & Answer

call your wife and have her explain whats going on with her body buy her some PADS she needs them and let her know every things gonna be ok and show her to put the pad in her under wear and explain she has to change it well here just read this Question & Answer

24 hour pharmacy, you can buy her pads, the pharmacist can answer questions, don't take her she will be much to embarrassed. Don't try and talk to her about it unless she approaches you, save that for your wife.Health Question & Answer

go to target buy her a brand of pads called always u add one of them to her underwear there like pampers and when she see a lot of blood on it its time for her to change the pad and dont freak out thats not the best thing to do she shouldnt eat anything cold or spicy no watermelon either or she will get cramps and u dont want thatHealth Question & Answer

get Always over night maxi pads they ddid wonders for my first period.
and also get her long regular pads (i prefer always as well)
since it's her first period don't get tampons.Health Question & Answer

go buy some pads ..probably ALWAYS light/medium...and follow the directions on the back of the pack and everything will be fine..oh and buy her some midol it will do alot of good!Health Question & Answer

It is sad that your daughter is 11 years old and does not know whats going on.? your wife never bothered to tell her about this .? or school or friends or anyone.? Im sure so knows more than you thinkHealth Question & Answer

Buy her some pads, not tampons. Give her tampons when she gets older so she'll know how to use it properly.Health Question & Answer

Go to the store and buy her some pads.Health Question & Answer

Buy her sum Tampoons or Pads...they explain what to do on the box.......good luck!!!!!Health Question & Answer

take her to a store....?Health Question & Answer

It's to bad she wasn't prepared for this. You may want to look up some links online as well as go to the bookstore making it a father daughter day out. As for what to get you can try two different brands and Always has a size for younger teens but for my daughter she needs the overnights and has needed them since a month after she got hers at the age of 9. As for tampons she can wait till she reads more about them or she wants to go swimming. My daughter knows that if she wants to go swimming she either uses one or doesn't go in. There is no actual age one has to be in order to use them cause a 20 year old may not be comfortable with them and a 12 year old may prefer them over pads. For now it may be easier for her to stick with pads till she learns why she has to use them in the first place and what's going on. You can tell her it's Mother Natures way of telling her she's growing up even though she's not ready to have a baby but her body is preparing for her to be able to have one. You can also get something like Advil in case she has cramps that are not tolerable without it. The uterus is a muscle so it has to contract to expel the linning that builds up every month or about 28 days. Have her write something on the calendar of when she first started cause every obgyn dr. asks how old they were when they started but more importanly she can kind of know when it will happen again. The first day of bleeding is day one. Hope this helps.

also one more thing.. If you explain to her now what you understand she will more likely be able to come to either you or mom with questions then to be told nothing and not be as likely to come with questions or end up like some on here who end up asking for help when they get theirs or don't know what to do when at school. My mom never told me what to expect and it was my own father that had the talk with me so I was more comfortable talking to him cause he informed me of what to do and didn't avoid answering my questions. If you don't know an answer you can tell her you're not sure but you will find out and let her know. Most pads have individual wrappers now so she can take them along in her backpack, purse, or pocket.Health Question & Answer

Mom of 3 and my daughter got hers at age 9.Health Question & Answer

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