Question about a breast reduction?!

Question: Question about a breast reduction.?
I'm a 34-D and I think I want to have them reduced but I'm curious if I have them reduced will they be able to put them back in if I change my mind.?Health Question & Answer

DONT DO IT! only raiders fans get breast reductions.Health Question & Answer

I'm a 34D and I looked into this before, and honestly, most [good] doctors will not touch you, unless your boobs are keeping you from normal daily activities. If you can't run, tough luck, just do the elliptical at the gym instead.
The reductions are not simple, and they leave ugly scars all over your breasts. Just google image some of the pictures of post breast reductions and look at all of the staples...It's not pretty.
Once they remove the fat from your boobs, the only way you'll be able to have bigger boobs again is if you get artificial implants, and they'll never be the same.

Just save yourself the 15 grand and leave them alone. Question & Answer

guys unless you have man boobs or are a plastic surgeon, do you really have a right to answer..?. There are a lot of things I would do if I had a breast reduction like sleep on my stomach and take up jogging!Health Question & Answer

I am also 32-D. I have searched every where and consulted doctors. U can just get them reduced by surgery or else u try reducing ur body weight and they will reduce in proportion. else there is no way out.Health Question & Answer

Are you insane.? DON'T DO IT!Health Question & Answer

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For god's sakes, think this all the way, through!Health Question & Answer

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