How will i know when i have had an orgasm?!

Question: How will i know when i have had an orgasm.?
My partner and i both enjoy sex, but he enjoys it a lot more. Sex feels good, but how will i know when i orgasm.?Health Question & Answer

Lets just say you will never have to ask this question ever again!!! It is kind of like jumping into the deep end of the swimming pool, you just will know without a doubt in your mind! Trust me!!!!!! also know that just having sex isn't gonna do it for most women. You need to have some kind of clitoral stimulation. Either his hand, your hand, or test his oral abilities. But you will know! Give it time too. Make sure you are totally relaxed and don't quit prior to a half hr. If the guy doesn't want to put the time in, it is time to look for another guy who will put the time in. It isn't fast like it is for a guy, jeez it takes the wind blowing for a guy to orgasm. Women are a lot different in this respect. Make sure you tell him what feels good for you because with out direction from you, he may just not know. Men are not taught this in their younger years. And my suggestion is to let the woman orgasm first. If the guy is willing to do this, then they will find that the woman will do just about anything. Or you can even test it out yourself. On a rainy Saturday, grab an x rated movie and use your hand with lots of lube. Again make sure you are relaxed. But most guys think that just intercourse will make the woman orgasm-totally NOT TRUE!Health Question & Answer

MYSELFHealth Question & Answer

OH, YOU KNOW!!! It feels like your body is going into spasms
And then right after it's done, you're totally turned off... it's like okay, that was fun, I'm done.
Lol. You'll know an orgasm when you get one. There's no mistaking it for ANYTHING else.
I can't get it through sex though =[
I have to fake those - and I feel really bad about it. Ohwell.
I normally get mine from (this is gunna sound weird.. but) humping a pillow and looking at porn. Being on top for some reason lets the person on top be in control. Then, since you're watching porn - you can pretend that it's being done to you (redtube is good for this, it's free, you don't have to sign up, and no viruses either).
So, you basically go to town on your pillow and then you reach your climax.... and it's all over. lol
Good luck.Health Question & Answer

"Oooh you'll know!" -That guy from Nick And Nora's Infinite Playlist

Some girlies have a lot more 'trouble' achieving an orgasm, but when it happens yeah, it will hit you. It will be waaay more intense than anything you feel during the whole intercourse process.

Good luck! I hope you get there! :)Health Question & Answer

youll just KNOW. trust me. that's all i can say really :)
its something like a hottt shower on a cold day, going down a big rollercoaster hill, peeing when youve been holding it for a long time, etc.
enjoy!Health Question & Answer

If you have to ask that question then you haven't had one. Get a book. Masturbate a lot. Then you'll know.Health Question & Answer

Most women can only acheive orgasm from direct stimulation to the clitoris. Have your partner do that...And you'll know.Health Question & Answer

When a lot of liquid (squirt) comes out of your vagina. After that happens don't have sex again until the next day. Best feeling ever!Health Question & Answer

trust me, you'll knowHealth Question & Answer

cos its the best thing ever!Health Question & Answer

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