Birth control please :)?!

Question: Birth control please :).?
im 18, and i really need to get myself on birth control. i don't have insurance so im going through plan parenthood.. but i have a couple questions.
will my boyfriend be able to go in the room with me.? i'd feel much more relaxed and comfortable if i had him with me rather than just be stuck there with a random doctor.
and also, what exactly do they do.? i've heard many different stories from different people but im just wondering. I'm not a virgin and haven't been for quite some time, but should i expect anything to hurt.?
and do they do a breast exam too.?Health Question & Answer

i went to planned parenthood to get birth control when i was 18 the first time i went on the pill.
im pretty sure they wont let your guy come in the back room with you -i think its mostly for the sake of other peoples privacy but if you ask theres a good chance they will allow this for your comfort! but if they dont - don't worry, the doctors are nice and you arent back there for long.
if your getting an exam, they take you in a room and take a quick and kind of uncomfortable look. but its not too terrible, just kind of weird.
if its just about the pill, they take you in the office, ask you some questions and tell you everything you need to know about the pill and answer any of your questions - it doesnt take long at all.
you will only get a breast exam if you request one. really, everything they do there is by your request only.
they give you the pill and some other goodies in a brown bag and off you go!
i promise its easy and definitely not worth getting super nervous over. youll be fine!
good luck :)Health Question & Answer

i'm not sure about your boyfriend coming in with you. ask the nurse or call up the office before you go. they'll probably talk with you a little bit first and find out your medical history, then they do a vaginal exam and a breast exam. nothing should really hurt, the vaginal exam might be slightly uncomfortable. if it does hurt, let the doctor know.Health Question & Answer

been to the gynoHealth Question & Answer

If you want him to go back with you, then there should not be any reason for him not to. If they say anything, just let them know you want him to be there. Having the patient comfortable is important.

They may or may not do a physical exam. In most places, they do. It is just like a regular trip to the OBGYN. They'll do a pelvic exam, which may be a little uncomfortable, but not painful. It shouldn't hurt, it's just a weird feeling. Some places will do a breast exam. Most of the time, they ask if you do self exams and if you need to be shown how to do them.

There's nothing to be afraid of or worried about. Trust me, you can't say or do anything that hundreds of women haven't said or done before.Health Question & Answer

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