Tired of doctors not findin out what it is please help n c maybe if u can help?!

Question: Tired of doctors not findin out what it is please help n c maybe if u can help.?
ok so im 18 and suffering from what they are calling "migranes" every single day since i was 16.5 n no im not kidding its daily till i was ut on medication but it doesnt work it just kinda numbs em out but they r still there i also was anemic i tended to blackout anywere at any time for no reasonable answers and i kno there are diferent kidns of migranes but mine are like all the kidns put together i feel a cold sense of like water run down the back of my head while also feeling like the ice pick feeling in my eye n punding on both sides of my head and jsut like an aura of pain on my brain..i had a ct scan n nothing came up then i had a mri scan done n it shows like a thumb print ig ues u could call it on right side of the scan of my brain they claim its nothing but yet to come in every 6 months for a new scan but they wont tell me what i have i am taking 1200mg of ibu profin just about daily (thats my normal dosage to take every 4 hours if pain persists) i am 90lbs healthy to a certain extent 4 11 ..im sick and tired of takin medicine that doesnt work please if theres anyone wit this problem or alternative sugestionsHealth Question & Answer

Let me first say, it's great to get suggestions from here, but for real medical problems never self diagnose or medicate with a Rx drug. Your migraines sound like what are called Cluster migraines except cluster migraines come in clusters and then go away for a few days, weeks , months or even years. The iron level that was low in the past may still be low and that will cause migraines, I am going through that right now and I have them every day as well. You need to have that level checked again, and get the problem of being anemic corected and you will feel better. I know that since my iron level is going up the migraines and feeling tired are going down. You also can try alternative ways of dealing with the pain, meditation or accupuncture but neither of these ways will stop what is happening only make it bearable, also you need better Doctors, You should be able to communicate with your doctors and have them explain things and take care of things in a fashion that doesn't leave you wondering what is going on. Yes they went to school, big deal you can still fire them. You may need to try several physicians before you find one that practices working with you to reach health goals. Good luck to you.

** I'm sorry I wasn't implying you self medicated. I was saying in general, some people on here give medication advice, I have a brain tumor and it was cause by aphyxiation due to allergic reaction to a antibiotic that I took that wasn't mine. I had a UTI and didn't want to go to the Dr. again, I didn't want to spend 2 hours in a ER so when I told my friend I needed to go she said she had some antibiotics left over, I was stupid. 27 years old at the time and stupid, so in general I just let people know not to. Wasn't trying to imply or offend. Good luck hon. and I have alot of Doctor experience. Took 3 years but now I hand picked them and we all work well together. Best wishes

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There are some dietary triggers for migraines, ask for a referral to a dietitian for advice.

also, you are small and light and anaemic, so get the doctors to check for celiac disease, as this can cause migraines.Health Question & Answer

You could have Seratonin Syndrome.

You should try checking Webmd.com.Health Question & Answer

Ok migraines. I have had these since I was 13 now I am 32. They started me out on 800mg of ibuprofen every 4-6 hrs as needed. Throughout the years, my body has built up a tolerance to this med, so it no longer works. I have had tests, mri, x rays & all. Still no cause can be found. Meds after meds to try and none worked. High doses and long periods of taking ibuprofen can be hard on your organs. Now I am back to taking just tylenol when I need it. It had stopped working previously, but seems to be working again. I now see a chiropractor and it has helped immensely! Instead of having daily headaches, I may have 2 days with out one or even a week! I have been going for about a year. also one thing that I know can cause headaches are artificial sweeteners. I can chew quite a bit of sugar free gum, but others give me a headache. And holy molly if I were to take a drink of a diet soda, the pain is there within minutes. You just need to figure out what is causing yours, it took me almost 20 years to do this for myself. But no doctor has been able to either. You know your body best, so trust your instincts. also if you are concerned about your mri, get a copy of it from the hospital it was taken at and get a second opinion! Your health is in your hands. Doctors see a lot of different stuff, but trust your gut!Health Question & Answer

Okay I cant really offer a suggestion of what could be wrong with you because many things can cause migranes. All I can say is dont give up. For the past year I have been very ill (stomach problems). I have seen 9 different doctors all from the same surgery and they were all useless. They put me on medication after medication and none of it worked. They found out my blood tested positive for coelaic disease and didnt tell me for 6 months. They are finally sending me for the biopsy and other tests to find out finally what i have. If you dont get any luck from seeing other doctors wait until you are next really ill and get someone to just take you straight to hospital.

On top of anything else just dont give up. There HAS to be a cause and its frustrating because doctors just sometimes dont do what you think they should. Persevere, change doctors, go to the hospital, demand tests for ANYTHING that can cause migranes. You shouldnt have to live your life like that!Health Question & Answer

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