PLease comment..Is this size okay..?!

Question: PLease comment..Is this size okay...?
ok .i know its a stupid question but. im here bcoz i wanted mostly female opinions.. i am 25 indian .. and its 5.6 inch(14cm) long exactly when erect and 5.5 inch thick in its circumference..

i measured it as per those rules like standing and hold it parallel to floor..blah blah..

is this size normal .? normal enough to make women who prefer large size happy.?.. i want mostly girls/ women to give their opinions so i can know ..

thanksHealth Question & Answer

girth is the worth, seriously, it is normal for an Indian man in length, plus with the length and the girth you can do many positions and please all women: )Health Question & Answer

Omg, be gentle on your girlfriend.Health Question & Answer

think you're a perv who just wants to share the size of you're manhood!Health Question & Answer

Haha your such a loserrrrHealth Question & Answer

size doesn't matter! you have to use the tricks properly.Health Question & Answer

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