You know when a doc asks if your sexually active.. where does it start?!

Question: You know when a doc asks if your sexually active.. where does it start.?
It refers to vaginal sex , anal sex or oral sex.

Doctors include oral sex as this also carries a risk of STD transmission.

It's probably best to tell your doctor exactly what you mean. Just tell them your situation. They're not going to be embarrassed. I talk to my doctor about my sex life all the time! It's essential for good health.

Good luck.

Edit: sexually active does not just mean having sex with boys. Otherwise lesbians would never be sexually active, which is just silly!Health Question & Answer

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When your doctor asks you this, he or she is wanting to know if you engage in sexual activity that could expose you to sexually transmitted disease. This could include vaginal intercourse as well as oral/anal sex.

Your doc doesn't really need to know, or care, if you are kissing :-)

Hope this helps.Health Question & Answer

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It means have you had any sexual intercourse with another person. Basically they are asking if you are a virgin kissing does not count but anything more could be classed as yesHealth Question & Answer

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Sexually active means if you are have sex with boys.Health Question & Answer

eh when your sexually active!!!!!!!!!!!!!Health Question & Answer

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