it comes out everyday and its about a spoon a day. i started my period like 3 or 4 months ago.
its clear...or can look milky in "big" amounts.
it has a smell...not fishy. like others have warned about. its been happening for a while and everything else is normal.
and i usually dont drink enough water or fruits and veggies but i started changing that a week ago and still the discharge EVERYDAYHealth Question & Answer

Discharge is normal it can happen everyday or some people only have it every so often as long as there is no strong smell or it looks straw like in colour then see a GP but if its clear or milky white it's normal.Health Question & Answer

Dont worry. discharge is when your vagina is just cleaning away. it just to protect your vagina from any bad bacteria.
So its probably good that its still happening to you. You'll have less chance of having anything wrong. your body is ajusting, it will soon pass.
If you are really worried go see a doctor. they'll explain.Health Question & Answer

me and my motherHealth Question & Answer

ok well first off, GO SEE A DOCTOR and second if you do masterbate, STOP i have been told that that will trigger it.Health Question & Answer

Yeah, I have that problem too.

I use a pad and just wait for it to go away.Health Question & Answer

does it smell like fish or poultry.?Health Question & Answer

it's called female semenHealth Question & Answer

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