How do i ask my mom for my first bra?!

Question: How do i ask my mom for my first bra.?
Uhhhhh i need a bra soooo bad!!My nipples stick out of my shirt and it looks horrible!! Me and my mom don't really talk about stuff like this except last fall she said that i need a bra and we should get one but i guess she forgot since i stopped wearing the shirts that you could see through.Now i usually just wear a sweat shirt all day but it's getting hot out.So how do i ask my mom.?And don't say "Oh just go out and buy one!" or "Pick one at the store and say "Oh this is soo cute" Im really tomboyish and im only 11 but everyone wears them and the people who don't are made fun of! Please help!!!!!!!Health Question & Answer

Maybe wear something around the house (when she is home) that makes it obvious. Wear something like a t-shirt and shorts....dress as if you are going to wear that outfit outside. Don't wear something that you sleep in. When she sees what you are wearing she will think "oh my gosh, my daughter can't go out like that"! Today is the perfect is the weekend and she can take you to the store to buy a bra.

If your brothers or dad is home, then just call her into your bedroom. If it comes down to it, show her what you look like in your close fitting t-shirts and just say, "Mom, I think we have to do something about this". Or, just tell her that you are getting teased at school because you don't wear a bra and all of the other girls are wearing them. Tell her that the boys are teasing you too.

When you hit middle school you will have to change your clothes for physical education class and all of the girls change in a big locker room. Wearing a bra allows you to change your clothes with some modesty with out being completely naked.Health Question & Answer

I was in the same boat as you. My mom and I didn't talk about that kind of thing, but I needed a bra! I just told her that I needed one, and she went out to buy it for me. I know it wil be a bit hard for you to say that-it was for me too. But if you just ask her, she'll understand because every girl goes through this.

Good Luck!
xoxLinaHealth Question & Answer

just go to your mom and say: mom we talked about bras and stuff in the fall but its been a long time since then and i really need a bra, like this weekend can we maybe go get a couple i really need one please. trust me your mom will understand she had to do it when she was younger too!Health Question & Answer

haha sorry i can't help but was really hard for me too because i was never a girly girl and it embaressed me so much....but luckily my mom noticed before i was forced to ask her. IT will be embareessing no matter what so just get it over with.Health Question & Answer

It's as simple as saying "mom, can you get me a bra". A bra is not that big of a deal, juts like a pair of socks. If she told you already that you need one, then she will certainly understand when you tell her.Health Question & Answer

next time you go to a store, when you pass by the bra section and say "mom i think i should get one" she wont be mad at you or laugh at you. all women go through it.Health Question & Answer

its totally normal. dnt be afraid to ask. she'll probly be glad you talk to her about that kind of stuff. its allways embarassing at first. but it passes. trust me. i went thru the same thing!! lolHealth Question & Answer

make a joke of it ..... say if you dont get a bra soon your boobs will head south faster than grannies!
say you want a sport braHealth Question & Answer

just remind your mom that you need one.Health Question & Answer

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