What are your top 10 postions, or your favorites?!

Question: What are your top 10 postions, or your favorites.?
In bedHealth Question & Answer

All of them :)Health Question & Answer

http://www.sexinfo101.com/sexualposition...Health Question & Answer

1penis in jelly then
2kicking someone
3 jerking off into a cup
4then throwing it on someones head
5eating hairy muffs
6 licking bum holes
7spunking on a pet
8buming a toad
9licking my pillow
10 climaxing on my partners side of the bed so i dont have to clean it up
11 laughing at him
12shooting come at my niegbor through the window
13 stripping off in front of my other nieghbor whos a policeman
14 fingering my tap
15put my sheets up my bum
16bringing a sheep into the room to ride on

My sixteen favourite positions and actionsHealth Question & Answer

Top 10.? Jeez, here's my 'top' list, may not get to 10

1. Girl on top
2. Doggy
3. from behind spooning
4. 69er
5. girl on top facing away

ok top 5 good enough.?
Note man on top absentHealth Question & Answer

I didn't even know there were 10 positions one could do...

I personally like the woman on top. That's about it.Health Question & Answer

I don't know ten.
I just fckk like a pro.Health Question & Answer

Doggy, so I can put my pizza on her back.Health Question & Answer

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