I have some problems with swimming and my period?!

Question: I have some problems with swimming and my period.?
ok so tonite i am supose to go to a swimming party but i am having a really heavy period. I tried to put a tampon in but it just wont. this party is for my bffae so I cant miss it any sugguestionsz. I have tried to go in with it just normally before in my backyard pool but when i get out it runs down my leg so that is not an awnserHealth Question & Answer

sweetie, if a tampon doesn't work, nothing will. if it's really that heavy all the time, go to your gynecologist and have them prescribe you some birth control because it will regulate it and you wont have as much of a problem with it, then that way you could wear a tampon in the pool in the future without problems. I'm sorry, i wish i could help you but that's just the wonders of being a young woman. :)Health Question & Answer

Eve ate the apple, we're screwed.Health Question & Answer

Sometimes even if you get the tampon in, you leak in a swimming pool anyway, and it makes you want to die with embarrassment, obviously! Just go to the party looking cool and say you don't feel like swimming. Make sure you always have a glass of drink in your hand, if it is the kind of party where people push each other in the pool... and have fun anyway.Health Question & Answer

As has been said, you can go to the pool party without swimming.

Wear a pad as usual, with your bathing suit and a pair of shorts over. I'm sure you can tell your best friend in confidence and explain that's why you won't be swimming and they'll understand. You can also sit poolside with your feet and legs in the pool so that it's not too obvious.

Have funHealth Question & Answer

If it's that heavy, then just go but don't swim. Don't even wear your swimsuit. You don't have to say you have your period. You can make something up - say you forgot your swimsuit, you couldn't find your swimsuit, or you're not feeling well.Health Question & Answer

Tampon or nothing - time of the month is an acceptable excuse to sit poolside.

And I'd be horrified if I saw someone obviously swimming without a tampon at that time of the month.Health Question & Answer

u can go tho ur bff's party without swimming. there's lots of things u can do still. she will understand. :)

?Health Question & Answer

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