***Please Read- Need Advise****!!!?!

Question: ***Please Read- Need Advise****!!!.?
I just bought Vitamin B6 to help with my period,spotting, and luteal phase.
I am taking One A Day Women's Vitamins now but they only have 2mg of B6. I bought B6 100mg. Is that too much.? It was all they had.
My eating habits are very poor so I really need a lot of vitamins but I don't want to take to much & have it mess me up.
also, Vitamins tend to make me sick if i take them during the day, so i take them before bed with a class of juice and a few crackers. Is that okay.? Can I take the B6 & one a day together.?!
Thanks!!Health Question & Answer

100mg a day is really the maximum for B6.
The B vitamins are best taken as a B complex, where you get the right proportions of them all, as they are all interdependent.
Your best approach is to take a good multinutrition supplement with minerals and vitamins (Quest and Solgar are the best brands on the UK I don't know if they are available in the USA).
You have to take vitamins with the biggest meal of the day to absorb them with maximum efficiency and avoid nausea.
However, supplements are never as good as a decent diet. Try to eat properly. You can get really ill in the long term if you don't.Health Question & Answer

Eat real food!Health Question & Answer

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