How does miscarriage affect your periods?!

Question: How does miscarriage affect your periods.?
I had a miscarriage at the end of oct/beginning of november and bled until the 10th of december. I didnt get a period then until 25th jan and then again 30days later on the 24th feb, before having the miscarriage my periods were every 5 weeks and now its the 4th of april and still no sign of period i have been having cramping but no blood. it is NOT possible that i am pregnant could my body still be recovering after the miscarriage.?Health Question & Answer

It just takes a while for the cycle to re-establish itself. It's quite normal and common and is of no real medical consequence. The only thing is, you are likely not ovulating so if you are TTC again, this would be a problem. Things should go back to normal soon.Health Question & Answer

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i was 15weeks pregnant when i miscarried and was on pill but before that i didn't really have periods and if i did then it was only twice a year but after that didn't have a period for about 12months or so i was not bothered to be honest as didn't like having them anyway but if your worried then go to your doctors. now my periods are evey month since i had a abortion and i wish i never had itHealth Question & Answer

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