Warning way TMI!!! (period question)?!

Question: Warning way TMI!!! (period question).?
I normaly have about 2 days of heavy flow and then 1 or 2 days of light brownish spotting... this period though, has been extreamly heavy and very very pale. it almost resembles an orange color with a hint of pink.. and there is an huge amount of CM mixed with it.

yesterday it stoped for most of the day.. and i thought i was coming
off of it.. (which would be normal) and then around 8pm it hit me hard again... VERY hard. it litteraly wouldn't let up. and i had visions of bleeding to death right there lol.
i've also had a ton of blood clots... very big ones...
i've also had very adnormal cramps... which i hardly ever have while on my period.

my question is could it be from a miscarrage.? or are my cycles just spazing out.? i know there is really no way for me to know, but i'm just curious..
thanks!Health Question & Answer

It sounds like it could be a miscarriage. Big clots are never a good sign & heavy bleeding. I'd make an appt to see a doctor just to make sure everything is okay.
It could be ur period changing but it sounds more serious..Good luck hun!Health Question & Answer

I have never had a miscarrage but have had cycts that have burst and they weren't anything like that I really think you should give your doc a call I don't think it's normal to have cm with a period best of luckHealth Question & Answer

I would suggest you go to the Dr. I had heavy periods and went to the dr's. they found that I had fibroids. So...go, get checked out. Better to be safe than sorry.Health Question & Answer

yes i think you should very much so consider a doctor..the orangy color represents an infection of somesort.Health Question & Answer

Dont mess about with your health get it seen to asap to put your mind at restHealth Question & Answer

Allthough periods sometimes leave with a bang! Your abdominal pains with slightly abnormal color do leave me a bit concerned. i would call your doctor or gyn and leave a message see what they think about it.If you dont have a doctor or a gyn.Call your local family planning they will see you at low cost or no cost depending on your situation.
Im sure everything is ok but if you did have a miscarriage they may have to do a D&C to prevent infection.
In the mean time if you develop a fever,chills,nausea,vomiting,rashes eyc please go to the ER right away.Health Question & Answer

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