Baby belly question...or is it just fat..?!

Question: Baby belly question...or is it just fat...?
i had a baby about 2 and a half years ago and lost my baby weight really well especially on my belly.

i have put on weight because my diet has got bad and dont do much excersise. but i dont eat alot anymore and i dohave a cross trainer i use...

recently my belly has begun to look like a baby belly.?

you know when you see men that look pregnant.?
well that kind...
i am slim everywhere else my belly looks like i am pregnant.?
can this happen to females.?

i have taken a pregnancy test and it says negative.?

i do want another one very soon but want to get rid of it asap.?

its really bothering and scarin me. i cant wear tops on there own any more and i just want to know whats happening.?.?

i am only 19 and this is starting to destroy whats left of my confidence.?Health Question & Answer

I have just got rid of the same problem. im 20 and i have two children. I had a big problem like that.I just worked out and stuff ate well and used toning cream and after about 6 months it went away.. just keep tryngHealth Question & Answer

I have a pretty and skinny friend who just happens to love larger and wine and she has got a pot belly now. She looks pregnant. Could you have a wheat allergy or too much of the vino.?

Good luck.Health Question & Answer

well you could be malnourished if you say you're not eating a lot..(picture the kids from the 'feed the children' videos) a bloated belly is a sign of not getting the nutrients you need....Health Question & Answer

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