How can lack of estrogen not cause this?!

Question: How can lack of estrogen not cause this.?
My question's towards the end, be patient.
First of all I didn't reach puberty until last June. I am 24 now and a rare disease prevented that from happening until I got put on birth control pills by an endocrinologist.

All my life my body had zero estrogen in it. Produced none. So that's what the birth control pill is doing.

Before the hormone therapy, I was a suicidal angry maniac that when I got mad I would scream and yell like it's the end of the world. It scares everyone that was there. I also had a heck of a time gaining weight. I also was very weak. I also had a heck of a time with balance and clumsiness, My body would not wake up until it had exactly 12 hours of sleep. School was tough but I graduated.

Since the hormone therapy well my mood has stabilized, I'm no longer suicidal and I don't blow up anymore. I can finally maintain my weight and gained weight too. My balance has also improved and I have gotten stronger without exercising! My body wakes up after 8 hours of sleep.

Here's my question. She, this old lady, thinks I'm using lack of estrogen as an excuse to explain my behaviors while in Highschool. I told her it was the lack of estrogen that did that. She said "No you have to take responsibility for your actions".

Is she right.? Lack of estrogen would not have caused that.? Then how come since being on birth control all my problems disappeared.? How can you explain to me that my dad and I even get along a heck of a lot better since I started on birth control.? Why.? Cuz I respect him and I don't blow up at him because there's no need to. But if he does accuse me falsley I do run to my room and cry.

Is she right or wrong.?Health Question & Answer

Hormones can make people do crazy things - look at postpartum depression and women going through menopause.

She thinks she's right. So leave it be. Just stop sharing things about your life with other people so they can't voice an opinion.

Glad things have improved for you.Health Question & Answer

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