Awful odor when peeing?!

Question: Awful odor when peeing.?
Lately, whenever I'd go pee, an awful odor would accompany it. This has been happening since yesterday. I don't know what would cause this, either. There's no discomfort whatsoever - no burning, no itching, my urine color looks normal. I only have an odor. It's not my vagina either, it's only the smell of my urine. I can't describe the scent either - I can only say that it smells very awful.

Can anybody help me.? How do I get rid of this.? :(Health Question & Answer

Some foods can cause this (like asparagus, mentioned above) and also some vitamins or medicines create a real reek also.

If you drink a LOT of water, it will dilute whatever it is that's causing the stink, 'til it eventually washes out.Health Question & Answer

You need to see your Doctor and take a urine sample- it could be a UTI. also, if you haven't been drinking much fluid, it can cause your urine to become more concentrated and smell stronger.Health Question & Answer

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Its more than likely something youve eaten then, for example asparagus is well known to release a disgusting aroma upon urination, but only in some people.Health Question & Answer

I have that problem, too! I have needed this answer for a long time!Health Question & Answer

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