Period Is Later Than Usual...?!

Question: Period Is Later Than Usual....?
My body has always been weird with periods. I've been taking birth control pills for several months now. And as usual, I took the last pill on Sunday. My period usually hits me mid-week (Wednesday) but its Saturday now and I still haven't seen it.

Me and my boyfriend haven't had intercourse for several months, but we have fooled around recently (oral sex/fingering). And I have also just started exercising everyday as well as started a new diet this week. Could that have anything to do with it.?

I'll be starting a new pack of BCP tomorrow and I don't want to start a new pack without seeing my period. also this morning a felt a wee bit nauseous and up until now have been having very little cramps.
What should I do, I'm so confused.?Health Question & Answer

while your on the pill it is perfectly normal to miss a period. it makes them lighter than normal and sometimes so much so that it doesnt come at all. take the next packet though or you will end up messing up your body/contraceptive protection. if you miss another one next month you should take a test and go to the doctor just to make sure everything is ok. Dont worry though it happens to a lot of people, just dont stop taking it for the reason of not having a period this month. it can cause a lot more problems!Health Question & Answer

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