Nurses or doctors.....................!

Question: Nurses or doctors.......................
Yes it probably is an indication of a kidney infection or even kidney stones. They will get you started on antibiotics quite quickly if you have an infection.Health Question & Answer

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OK the test your doctor did was a BUN (Blood Urea Nitrogen).

If there's blood and protein in your urine, it is actually a precursor (marker) for kidney infections. As you said, "my kidney isn't failing"...there's really no point in my telling you that the results are a marker to kidney failure if left untreated.

Feel better.Health Question & Answer

i have no idea but the best thing to do is rest since it might be something dangerous or may effect your kidney now. i would also say stop drinking or smoking because of side effects it may have an effect on ur kidney. this is just common since.Health Question & Answer

Your kidney "might" be failing. Just stay calm and relax; you don't want to make it worse. But I wish you good luck on whatever is wrong.Health Question & Answer

yes- it probably isHealth Question & Answer

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