I dont knnow if im a virgin or not PLEASE HELP!!!?!

Question: I dont knnow if im a virgin or not PLEASE HELP!!!.?
well the first time i had sex was with my husband but i dont know if im a virginn or not. sorry to sound abit disgusting but i really need to know. he put his penis in my vagina it hurt like hell but nothing poped or there was no bleeding but everytime he got more inside it hurt more but when he got right it in hurt it was like he was touching something is that the hymen.? it hurt alot everytime he went up is this normal or not.? please try and help becuase this will effect my marriage to see if im a virgin or not.Health Question & Answer

Some girls "cherry's" have alot of holes in it sometimes or maybe you broke it another way.? It's very easy to break it, like, just by riding a guy bike, it can be broken. As for the bleeding, if you broke it another time, there won't be any blood even if this is your first time. It because you WERE a virgin and you're new to it.

You are not a virgin now though.

:] Hope this helped.Health Question & Answer

virginity is condition that the hymen is never been broken. Broken doesn't mean it have to be bleeding. If the hymen was broken usually the hymen become not tight anymore, there will be scrapes around it. So, to ensure it is virgin or not, you have to know how is the shape of not-virgin hymen. this is the easiest way to determine it, but not accurate. But if this is very important for you, may be it is good for you to go to check it medically, you will get perfect accurate answer.Health Question & Answer

You may want to have him insert a finger or two the next time you guys try anything. If that makes you feel dirty, then what you described is the only painful way to lose it. He could give you oral sex and some fingering that could loosen you up. Women have had babies come out that way, so a six incher should not be that much of a problem. Maybe have a glass or two of wine or some other alcoholic beverage. You are tense and that makes things tight down there. Take a nice warm bath, have a few drinks, loosen up, have some foreplay with your husband.
It's all normal and it's all good.Health Question & Answer

Hymens shrink and eventually go away the older you get. So nothing has to pop, break, or bleed. Sex generally is uncomfortable the first few times you do it - if the problem persists, see your doctor, as there are some medical issues that could be causing pain.

But if you had sexual intercourse, then you're not a virgin. Period.Health Question & Answer

The hymen may actually already have been broken by everyday activities. If you are very physically active, i.e. horseback riding, gymnastics, mountain biking, these activities can break the hymen before you have ever had actual intercourse. When you had your first instance of sexual intercourse (however brief) that would be when you lost your virginity, not when your hymen broke. It is quite normal for there to be mild to significant pain the first 1 to even 3 times one has intercourse, if the pain does not abate (or at least wane) after this you may consider reading this article http://www.marriagebuilders.com/graphic/... which discusses some of the causes and solutions to vaginal discomfort and pain during intercourse.Health Question & Answer

I would say that you aren't a virgin. It does hurt but each time it will get easier.
I didn't hear a pop or bleed either, it was just very uncomfortable, but now very enjoyable, so it does get better.
To me, a vigin is someone who hasn't had sexual intercourse. If your husband put his penis in your vagina, then I would call it sexual intercourse.Health Question & Answer

How can you be married and not understand enough about your body to know what the hymen is.?

It's a thin membrane that PARTIALLY covers the OUTER entrance to your vagina, usually in a half-moon shape. It is not up inside, it's on the outside.

Not everyone bleeds the first time they have sex. The older you are when you lose your virginity, the better the chance that your hymen will have stretched enough to not tear when you first have sex. Mine was already stretched enough when I lost my virginity.

PLEASE learn about your body. It's important that you understand your own body and reproductive system... good grief.

http://www.youngwomenshealth.org/hymen.h...Health Question & Answer

If you're a female, virginity is considered lost when a penis penetrates the vagina. Many people believe that virginity is indicated by the tearing of the hymen, but some females are born without a hymen, and sometimes the hymen can be torn by playing sports or using tampons.Health Question & Answer

I would love to know exactly HOW OLD YOU ARE! because you sound like a 12yr old trying to find out the truth lol

But to answer your question,
No, you are no longer a virgin. Not all women bleed when their losing their virginity... and yes, it will hurt like hell. As soon as your husbands penis took a visit in your hole and went in-out-in-out then you were having sex.Health Question & Answer

Hey, I got an idea. Had you been sexually active with anyone before your hubby.? If he was the first penis you had in your vagina then yes you were a virgin. Maybe you have had other things in there, but only a penis can deflower you. Like a balloon, one prick and its' gone.Health Question & Answer

No your not a virgin. To become a "non - virgin" you need penitration from a penis and you have got that. Your not a virgin anymore. The most likely thing is you have broken your hymen, a thing layering of skin which protcts the outside of your vagina.Health Question & Answer

if it was the first time you had sex then yes you where a virgin you do not have to bleed to have you hymen broken not all women do also if you have ever wore a tampon then you will not have your hymen broken so dont worry if it was your first time having sex then yes you where a virginHealth Question & Answer

if you had sex, you are not a virgin. It's just a sense of purity, it's not a health thing.
But if you are concerned, Sometimes your hymen can be real strong so you would have to have it surgically broken or something.
i dunno XPHealth Question & Answer

for starters, you're not a virgin anymore. you had sex with your husband.
some advice, it shouldn't hurt that much!
go purchase some KY Jelly so that you'll be lubricated, you'll enjoy it more that way. promise :-)Health Question & Answer

um well you're not a virgin anymore. if his penis went inside of you, then like i said you're not a virgin. and it happens and depends on the girl because some dont bleed or anything.Health Question & Answer

You sound young to be married, usually married girls type better because they are older.. If there was no blood and youve been fingered or toyed before, your hymen was broken, if youve had oral sex, youre not a virgin.Health Question & Answer

Your NOT a virgin. It's not about poppin' the cherry, it's about having a penis penetrating you.Health Question & Answer

Being a virgin means you have never had sex. It has nothing to do with the hymen breaking or not. Your cherry probably didn't pop because he was being so gentle.Health Question & Answer

You are definitely not a virgin if there was penetration! Not everyone bleeds, people are all different.Health Question & Answer

i would see your obgyn, i dont really think that anyone would really be able to tell from this description..
-and not to be weird, but congrats on waiting until marriageHealth Question & Answer

He sticked his dick in you , YOUR NOT A VIRGIN . Virginity is about sexual intercourse penetrationHealth Question & Answer

If you had sex, then you're not a virgin. It doesn't matter how you did it or whether anything popped...You had sex so that makes you not a virgin.Health Question & Answer

yer virginity membership has expired! yer not a virgin anymore, welcome to the big girl club!Health Question & Answer

you're not a virgin anymore. You're husband took your virginity.Health Question & Answer

Everyone is different your definitely not a virginHealth Question & Answer

If there was penetration, it was sex. Simple as that.Health Question & Answer

if you had sex , your not a virgin. lol .Health Question & Answer

common sense .?Health Question & Answer

Trolls = IdiotsHealth Question & Answer

My sister and my mother had to have their hymens surgically cut--it happens. Call your doctor.Health Question & Answer

Are you doing it as your typing.? This is just too weird.Health Question & Answer

You're not a virgin.Health Question & Answer

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