When will I have my.............? PLEASE!!!!?!

Question: When will I have my..............? PLEASE!!!!.?
I am 10 (11 in May) and all my friends have gotten their period but I haven't had mine yet. Even friends that are younger than me have had theirs and my cousin who is in 4th grade has had hers too. How do I know when my period is coming and how can I be ready for when it comes.? When will I get my period.? I REALLY want to know.Health Question & Answer

No one can say exactly when a girl will get her first menstrual period, but usually girls will get it some time during puberty.

Some girls start puberty at age 9 or 10 where others may start as late as age 15 or 16. Each girl goes at her own pace. So don't think that it's a bad thing or that something is wrong if your friends start puberty a little earlier/later than you.

At the beginning of puberty, you'll notice that your breasts are developing and you're starting to grow a little hair under your arms. Hair also will grow on your genitals (pubic hair). In some girls, the time from the beginning of puberty to getting the first menstrual period may take only 6 months, where as for other girls, it may take longer and can take up to 3 years. Another sign is vaginal discharge fluid (sort of like mucus) that a girl might see or feel on her underwear. This discharge usually begins about 6 months to a year before a girl gets her first period.

Every girl is different, and there is a wide range of normal development during puberty.

All I can say is that you should be patient, it will happen when your body is ready.

Good luck :)Health Question & Answer

I got my period when I was 13 (I

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