I persperate too much!?!

Question: I persperate too much!.?
I am 13 years old and I tend to sweat even when not working out. My friends are always complaining that I need to wear more deorderant. I go through one stick a week. The sweat goes through my clothes and it is very embarrising especially around guys. HELP!Health Question & Answer

Don't worry, I am 14 and get the same problem.
A lot of girls get the same problem because we're going through puberty.
Apparently it gets better as we get older, so you'll just have to wait it out.
Wear dark clothes or light clothes, or what I do is wear bright colours, then wear a half jacket, which hides my underarms.

If that doesn't take your liking, I sometimes use a product called PerspireX. Which you wear overnight, and it can stop sweating. I sometimes use it when I know I have exercise in the next few days. :)

Hope I helped! And good luck.Health Question & Answer

i had the same problem at 13. I went to my doctor and got this stuff called Drysol, i put it on before bed and washed it off i the morning and i didn't sweat at all!Health Question & Answer

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