Can you get pregnant still if you havent had your first period and you dont use protection?!

Question: Can you get pregnant still if you havent had your first period and you dont use protection.?
yes, you can get pregnant even if you haven't started your period. because you could be about to start your period for the first time, but have sex and get pregnant the first time you do it. you shouldn't be having sex if you haven't even hit puberty yet. if by chance you did get pregnant it would change your life forever. you should always use protection.Health Question & Answer

Yes!!!! Ovulation (the release of an egg) occurs before menstration, so it is possible to get pregnant before your first period which is really bad because not only is your body not ready for sex or pregnancy (which is quite physically tramatic full term or not), but you may not even know you are pregnant until later in the pregnancy because you weren't wondering where is my period.? Which is bad for both you and any potential child. Prenatal care is important as is taking care of yourself during pregnancy like any other time. Stop having sex. Get yourself tested for sexually transmitted infections (which since you're not using protection should be a major worry).Health Question & Answer

Why are you having sex if you haven't even hit puberty.? SHAME on you and SHAME on your parents for not raising you better and educating you.

You ovulate BEFORE getting a period, so it is possible if you're close to your first period and you've ovulated. Less likely, but still possible.Health Question & Answer

Yes, you can. You may not have had your first period yet, but you body still might be ready. Even though your mentral cycle hasn't started yet outside your body, it most likey has happened on the inside.Health Question & Answer

sorry, i ment menstral cycle*Health Question & Answer

noooo you cant because your reproductive organs havent started working but before you do have sex check do see if you startedHealth Question & Answer

no you can'tHealth Question & Answer

This question should not even have been asked!Health Question & Answer

absolutely if you dont want to get pregnant don't have sexHealth Question & Answer

nooooooo i think not.Health Question & Answer

lets be real of course u can wait till ur marriied .I know i sound like an old lady but wait.Health Question & Answer

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