A question about women's health?!

Question: A question about women's health.?
After my period I get extremely irritated down there. I always stay clean and fresh whatever the words are. I just started getting my period and right now is my 3rd cycle. At 1st I thought it was because it my 1st time but now I wonder how to stop this.Health Question & Answer

Alot of women get thrush after each period. Its not very nice and can be itchy and sore. Try using a wash specifically for your vagina and wear lose cotton pants. Don't wear tights or tight trousers if you can avoid it at/around your period. If you use sanitary towels change them regularly and shower daily using the wash to keep the PH level of your vagina normal. Dont use fabric softener on your underwear and try to avoid thong underwear. also you could try trimming your pubic hair, that sounds weird but it helped with my irritation after my periods.Health Question & Answer

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You need to see a GYN doctor and rule out other serious diseases before you take our advice on here.Health Question & Answer

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