After a girl's first period, does she thin out?!

Question: After a girl's first period, does she thin out.?
so im 13 and i haven't had my period yet but i really dont like the way my stomach and hips look. i mean im not fat its just that they are kinda like dimpily and poochie..? so after my period will i kinda thin out.? thanks. and my stats 5'2 and 104-106 poundsHealth Question & Answer

I started a few weeks ago and family and friends have noticed me getting thinner and taller. I dont like the way i look becuase of my stomach and i am short but ive grown and loast loads of waight in a few weekss.

Love Yhoo xHealth Question & Answer

Usually when girls get their period, they actually become bigger, but only a little. Its just because now that you have our period you are able to carry a child. So you are producing more hormones. If you don't like your hips or stomach do some crunches. But from your stats you sound perfectly healthy and have a kick *** body. Don't worry about it!Health Question & Answer

Probably not, I never. I think it's just when you start to develop you start to grow and change shape, so I guess it just happens around the same timeHealth Question & Answer

no, the period itself will not effect how u look, but as u get older, ur body might change a bitHealth Question & Answer

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