Has any one had the same problem?!

Question: Has any one had the same problem.?
i am around 5 weeks pregnant .
i started bleeding but not to heavy and it ono lasted 4 about 10 minutes both times
i went and had a scan and the doctor said all he could see was the sack no baby , i have looked and searched the internet for hours and some scan pics i seen were the same
does any 1 have or went through this problem
i also had a miss carriage in december but i have 2 Beautiful children no problems there i have to return for a scan in 2 weeks ....Health Question & Answer

I have never had anything like this happen to me and I have never been pregnant so i did a little research and foudn this website


I also found a forum and a woman posted there saying the same thing as you and the doctor told her the baby might just be too small to see.

Good luckHealth Question & Answer

its sounds like a miscarriage. have a beta blood test done and then have another done 2 days later, if the numbers don't increase or they decrease, it was a miscarriage. good luckHealth Question & Answer

been thereHealth Question & Answer

Sorry babe i cant answer your question, Im only 12 but i hoppe everything is okay babe. Good luck hunnii xxHealth Question & Answer

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