Feeling lasts only a few seconds?!

Question: Feeling lasts only a few seconds.?
This is about masturbation.

When I'm doing it it feels great and all, but the climax feels better than the rest, right.? Well, when I get to the climax, I get that wonderful sensation but for only 1 to 5 seconds at the most! How long does it usually last, is this normal.? And is there anything I can do to make it last longer.? Oh and after I do it when I try to touch there it kind of hurts and I jump, is that normal.? If this question is gross to you I'm sorry, but if it's not and you know the answer, please do answer.Health Question & Answer

the same thing happens to me. i've heard it happens to a lot of girls. usually it takes a guy to make climax last longer. it kinda sucks!Health Question & Answer

Yeah that is normal, same with me. its always longer and better with guys, but of course wait until marriage/ready whatever, not just for a climax, lol. :)Health Question & Answer

yeah 1-5 seconds is all anyone gets.
and sometimes it is over-sensitive afterwards.Health Question & Answer

even for a guys.
(im one)Health Question & Answer

Yes, that's what's suppose to happen.Health Question & Answer

yes, ALL of what u have described is normalHealth Question & Answer

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