Is something wrong with me? I feel weird.?!

Question: Is something wrong with me.? I feel weird..?
I just don't feel like myself. I am so depressed and I never want to do anything except for lay in bed and sleep.I am 10 and I have never even kissed a boy so do NOT say that I am pregnant.Health Question & Answer

your body is getting ready to go through big time changes, You are probably feeling the effects of this. Could be foods you are eating, too. too many carbs can make you depressed, be carefull with them. eat lots of good foods in small quantities all day long, and drink lots of water.Health Question & Answer

Have you gotten your period yet.? Your around the age to get it so this could be PMS. PMS stands for Pre-menstrual syndrome(or is it symptom.?)

Sometimes it makes you feel that way.
It's just growing up. But you should talk to someone if these feelings get out of hand. Depression could lead to serious issues. also, when your sad sometimes expressing yourself might be good. There are different methods to do this. There's letting out your energy in sports. Maybe writing.? Poetry.? Singing.? Playing an instrument.?

Whatever helps you. I like to write all sorts of things and sing.
Sometimes just talking to someone can help. Have these feelings been going on long.? If so, just tell a trusted adult. If you really need serious answers to your life sometimes Yahoo Answers isn't the best source.Health Question & Answer

Me. An eleven-year-old(Twelve in about two months)girl who's gotten her period.Health Question & Answer

Depression can be from so many things, that there is no one good answer.

Sadly, your symptoms are so common for people of any age, you'd need to get more specific. Do you feel hot.? Cold.? Do you sweat for no reason.? Do you ache.? Are you overweight.? Underweight.? What have you been eating lately.? Do you go outside often.? Have you been ill recently (last 10 days).?

The best way to kick a mild case of depression is to eat plenty of fruits and veggies, or otherwise take vitamins, go outside for at least an hour and get a little sunshine, and get some exercise. If it's just a physical problem, this usually fixes it. If it's a mental problem (bad thoughts, stress at home or school) you may need real help. You need to be able to speak to someone you trust, which would also need to be an adult, so that they can help you.

also, as other people have said, you may be getting ready to bleed. It's normal to get a little bit down right before any menstruation, be it your first, or your millionth. Go talk to your mother if you can. She may be able to help.Health Question & Answer

K so you say your 10 ad you have never even kissed a boy well I am 14 and I have never kissed anyone because I choose not to. Don't feel like you need to "give yourself away" to anyone who asks! That is what causes teen pregnancies. just saying! You wanted my opinion so there it is take it or leave it.Health Question & Answer

Honey don't take this as a put down because that is not how it's meant. You are 10, that is way way to young to try and self diagnose on yahoo answers. You need to talk to your mom, or another adult you trust about this issue. Good Luck sweety.Health Question & Answer

Have you gotten your period yet.? If not, they could just be severe PMS symptoms.

If it's not PMS, then I think you should talk to a parent about going to see a doctor. Never take these feelings lightly!

Hope you feel better :)Health Question & Answer

well maybe its your period if youve never started your period that may me it or if you have had it before maybe your just moody from your period idk though everyone is differentHealth Question & Answer

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