What's this constant pulling feeling in my lower abdomen?!

Question: What's this constant pulling feeling in my lower abdomen.?
There's this weird feeling in my lower abdomen that I've never had before. It's an extremely bloated (way more than usual), stretching, pulling feeling that's constant and very very uncomfortable.

I know I'm not pregnant...I'm a virgin :) I'm also due for another period, but the thing is, my periods have always been irregular and I just went off the pill before my last period, so I'm not 100% sure that my period will come this week even though it's been a month. ANYWAY...sorry for so much info, lol, but any idea what the pulling, swollen/bloated weird painful feeling is in my lower abdomen.? Could it just be pre-menstrual symptoms, or an ovarian cyst.? Should I go to the hospital, or give it a while and see if it goes down.? It's not unbearably painful...it's just unbearably uncomfortable :(Health Question & Answer

If you just went off the pill then your hormones will be more likely to cause PMS so that is probably what you're feeling. Wait about a week and see what happens.Health Question & Answer

i would think its just your period, even though it may not be nrmal for you periods are irregular. if you feel any bad pain go to the hospitalHealth Question & Answer

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