When you trim your pubic hair, should it hurt?!

Question: When you trim your pubic hair, should it hurt.?
Tomorrow my friends and I are going swimming, and Im wearing a bikini. So I trimmed my pubic hair so Im not so...bushy looking under my bikini, and it kinda is prickly, and kinda hurts..should I not have done that.? Does it make sense.?Health Question & Answer

i've trimmed my pubic hair in the past, and it does produce a certain sensation so yes, you make perfect sense to me. it's fine that you trimmed, you've done nothng wrong. you probably have very sensitive skin as i do so should you decide to shave or use a dipilatory make sure you have a cream that "quiets" the area after you shave, otherwise it's very possible you'll develop a rash. by the way, have fun tomorrow!Health Question & Answer

I read in Dolly Doctor...that if you want to trim it..you could wax or shave, they said if you want to shave, you have to make sure your skin is completely and totally clean so it prevents any bumps...then you should put this cream for pubic hair or something ( ask your pharmacy Doctor...maybe a girl) and then start shaving from the outside part and then make you way in!. If you did shave it maybe it is common that it is prickly, but I don't think it should hurt. Maybe you should see your Doctor. Hope I helped
Bella xx :)Health Question & Answer

well becasue you trimmed it. im assuming wth scissors.? becuase your pubic hair is very course, then the nds of the pubic hair are now possibly sticking into you, and creating that feeling..

wax or shave is prbably a better option, but trimming is fine too.. maybe just make it shorter next time..Health Question & Answer

well idk maybe your just sensitive there because i have trimmed cut and shaved completly and have never experienced and sorenessHealth Question & Answer

Women don't usually trim their pubic hairs. They usuallly shave down there. That way, there is no hair down there, so it isn't prickly and doesn't hurt.Health Question & Answer

i trim... shaving makes it prickly... unless u are pulling ur pubes as u are trimming... otherwise i can't see why it would hurt.Health Question & Answer

What you should have done was shaved it all off at the first sight of it.Health Question & Answer

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