I need an answer... i'm confused.?!

Question: I need an answer... i'm confused..?
Okay so my period was due 4 days ago, and this would have been my third or fourth time getting my period. I'm 13 years old, and still a virgin. Is this normal, or should I be worried.?Health Question & Answer

Nothing to worry about - for the first year or so it is just begining to regulate it monthly. You can skip a month and have it twice the next month. It is completely fine. Vote best answer if this helped! :)Health Question & Answer

All girlies are different, you're just fine.=]
Don't get all worked up, sometimes it doesn't even happen for a month when you're first starting out. It's a whole new thing happening inside of your beautiful young body, so give it a little breathing room. Trust me- it's very normal.Health Question & Answer

I would say it's okay. Most people's periods are not on a regular cycle when they first start. They tend to get more regular (having an idea of when they're coming) the more you have them. But ask a doctor just in case.Health Question & Answer

For like a year or two it will possibly be irregular but that's normal since you sorta just startedHealth Question & Answer

give it a couple more days maybe your just stressed out ( even if you dont know it ) if not then after about 5 more days i would see a docterHealth Question & Answer

Yep they take a while to be regular, don't worry !Health Question & Answer

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