Getting my first period?!

Question: Getting my first period.?
i am 14, i have had discharge for a few years now, and ive started developing breasts, they are tender and my areolas are getting bigger. i have acne too, but i havent had my period yet. when should i expect my first period.? oh and i think i have cramps but i cant tell if theyre in my pelvic area or stomach. i never really pay attention to it. thnxHealth Question & Answer

dont worry, you will get yours. i promise you that! you will get yours.

im 14 too and i havent started mine either. but every girl does. and then again, im a little slim.

you sound really close.
my doctor said im def gettin close to starting and im like you. i have been developing boobs since summer 07 although they are still very very very very small and have discharge and everything.

so you will get it.
i guarantee you will get it within a year!

i agree, you might get cramps or tender boobs, mood swings cravings, and others.Health Question & Answer Question & Answer

You've only now started getting breasts.?
Hmm. I thought that happened WAY earlier.

Well what to expect: your going to bleed out of your vagina, there might be chunks, you might cramp, you might be a ***** and menstrual blood stinks.Health Question & Answer

When you know for sure you have cramps - lower back ache - headache.. and stuff like that. Be prepared just incase ou don't get symptoms and it just happen's!Health Question & Answer

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