How old do you hav to be to buy condoms from somewhere like a local walgreens?!

Question: How old do you hav to be to buy condoms from somewhere like a local walgreens.?
im 15 and i know that if i ever might do things with a girl, i'd like to have protection cuz i know of the things that could happen just cuz i wasnt prepared or somethingHealth Question & Answer

A local store like that can't deprive you of contraceptives like that. Their purpose is to prevent impregnation and STI's/STD's. So it's better to be safe than sorry. You can buy them yourself. They will not ID you or anything like that. At the most they'll give you a weird look or something if they think you're too young, or ask your age out of personal opinion/concern.Health Question & Answer

it depends on the state.

but you can usually go to Family Planning or Planned Parenthood and theyll give you some for free. All you have to do is ask them for some, there free there.Health Question & Answer

you dont have to be any age. there just condoms. its not like there illegal or you have to be a certain age to use them. anyone can buy and use them.Health Question & Answer

Theres no specific age. You can buy them at any age. You are good to go!Health Question & Answer

there's no age restriction. they have to sell them t youHealth Question & Answer

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