Loose vaginal walls sign of infidelity?!

Question: Loose vaginal walls sign of infidelity.?
My girlfriends vaginal walls are looser than they usually have been, is this a sign of infidelity.?Health Question & Answer

The vagina tightens and loosens during monthly changes.
Like some women most of the time will be very loose after menstruation, but in the middle of the month they could be very very tight.
Tell your girlfriend to do kegels everyday. It will help it out.Health Question & Answer

apart from the above explanations by different people here which may be true., check out if shes into dildoes.. girls can get to really big ones as they can control it how they want..Health Question & Answer

No, it's a sign that you're not doing your job right. She's not excited.Health Question & Answer

LOL! it is possible i guess, but i doubt it.Health Question & Answer

has she had a child... many sex partners.... are u big enough for her.?.?.?Health Question & Answer

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