Fifteen- No Sex; Birth Control..?!

Question: Fifteen- No Sex; Birth Control...?
K, so I already asked about this and got barely any responses, please help.?
I'm fifteen, and I'm a virgin. I'm not sexually active, and I have no idea when that time will come for me. I have a steady relationship with a guy my age, and we've been together for a few days short of a year now. I'm wanting to know anything there is to know about birth control.
I might start taking it, but I want to know more about it first.

I tried looking it up on all kinds of websites, but I want less general and more personal. Anybody have personal experiences or advice for me.?

I would reeeally appreciate it.=]
Please and thank you.Health Question & Answer

I know tons of girls who have started birth control at a young age, as I was one of them.

my advice to you, is a few things. First. Talk about it with your mom. She will be the most support for you, and if something goes wrong with the birth control (maybe a side effect), she can help take care of you, give you advice, and tell you if it's harming you to a point you should stop.

You also need to talk to an OBGYN. See if you're a good candidate for birth control.

I think birth control is something great to start at around 15. You're young, but you never know what could happen. My big advice is. DON'T LET BIRTH CONTROL BE AN EXCUSE TO HAVE SEX. Only do it when you're REALLY ready, preferably older. Much older. But, we can't tell you what to do, and I'm not gonna sit here and jam my ideas down your throat.

As for about birth control
It DOES have side effects, as does any other oral contraceptive/shot/patch/insertion. Those are the types of birth control. You'd most likely get the pill.

Every pill, has side effects. Each pill reacts different to every women, so the first one you receive may not be right for you. There are many side effects, most common being: cravings for food (which leads to weight gain), mood swings, acne, lack of sex drive, head aches, cramping, and more.
If you get these side effects to such an extreme that it's effecting you so much, you should talk to your OBGYN about changing birth controls.

Keep in mind birth control takes 3 MONTHS to adjust to your body, this doesn't mean you have to wait 3 months for it to WORK, just for the side effects to go away, so give the pill 3 months to stop the side effects.Health Question & Answer

OK first as an adult I have to tell you that you might want to think twice before having sex if that is your reason for getting BC. But it is a great choice and I praise you for wanting to be protected, some people even older ones are not as smart as you are. Some BC methods will make u gain weight...the DEPO shot, and others like the pill are a pain to remember everyday, so talk to your OBGYN and find the right one for you. The patch is a good one or the ring, but it needs to be inserted properly, so educate yourself on all the different types and dont feel stupid asking for a demonstration from your doctor because you dont want to have that day where you are unsure if you are doing something right and you might be preggo...good luck:) hope this helpedHealth Question & Answer

been thereHealth Question & Answer

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