My period was over and 3 days later I am bleeding again help me!!?!

Question: My period was over and 3 days later I am bleeding again help me!!.?
My period was about 4 days long (cant recall the dates) whenever i was finsished, about 3 days later, I have a discharge now.
It isnt much it isnt in my urine or anything just when I wipe.. but its like a dark brown color and it doesnt have an odor to it at all.. It was a little bit to where it left a stain in my panties.
I am not sick or anything like that..
What could this be.?.?
Please help thank you so much!!Health Question & Answer

It's not unusual. It's just some leftovers that took a little longer to make their way down and out. As long as there is not a foul odor, itching, burning, or excessive discharge, I wouldn't worry about it.Health Question & Answer

Alot of women get brown discharge before and after your period. People say it's just old blood. If it really concerns you though you can always go to the gyno! Good luck, hope I helped!Health Question & Answer

it could be cyst....chk for 2 months, if continues get it checkedHealth Question & Answer

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