For women only please - How often do you masturbate?!

Question: For women only please - How often do you masturbate.?
Im just trying to find what is average. So maybe this would be a fun way.

Not trying to offend anyoneHealth Question & Answer

My boyfriend is on a 14 months deployment for the US Army and i do it once a day at least if not twice.Health Question & Answer

It varies depending on my mental state. It could be twice a day to once a month. Although my norm is usually every couple of days. Usually guilt for doing it will reduce how often I perform it...well actually it's guilt for the thoughts that go through my head. Anyway, it's also useful because it releases some kind of hormone that makes me sleepy...although that didn't help on Monday when I couldn't sleep until 4a. That really sucked... Anyway, I've been masturbating since 6 months of age (or so my mum tells me). For me, it's as long as I could remember, which was at the most, about 6 years old.
*Starr*Health Question & Answer

I ask my boyfriend to help me in that dept. That way you become trusting towards each other. Or in better terms Share. I'll do you and Ya get the picture!!Health Question & Answer

Best advice.
But if no boyfriend, a Good steamy, erotic-sex scene in the book will help you achieve that problem in no time. Julie Garwood- Mercy-.Karen Robards-Whispers At Midnight.- Megan Hart- Dirty.Health Question & Answer

Depends on if I have seen my bf that week. I usually get him once a week, if he can't make it over I might last 2 weeks, but not always.Health Question & Answer

Uhm, probably once or twice everyday.Health Question & Answer

I masturbate almost every day.Health Question & Answer

once a day
twice on saturdaysHealth Question & Answer

i get boredHealth Question & Answer

it depends on age and relationship statusHealth Question & Answer

almost every dayHealth Question & Answer

not that often.. i have a gf.Health Question & Answer

never.Health Question & Answer

everyone do it is natureHealth Question & Answer

Once a every two weeks about.? and i'm 15.Health Question & Answer

once in 2 weeksHealth Question & Answer

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