Im 17 and i wanna start taking birthcontrol?!

Question: Im 17 and i wanna start taking birthcontrol.?
i wanna start taking birth control but idk how to bring this up to my mom.i have a bf we use condoms but their always breaking and i would feel better with birth control but knowing my mom shell be like no and get mad at me for having sex cuz shell say im too young or whatever and plus my periods never really on time.what should i do.?.? plus my mom always rubs my age in my face like no you cant do that or have that cuz your ugh help!!!Health Question & Answer

i know exactly how you feel! i thought my mom was going to be so mad at me and hate me for not waiting for marriage, she is one who is really against sex before marriage, but she was not mad, she was supportive and told me she was not disappointed in me at all becaus sex is a natural thing. it took me SO long to be up front to her about it, and i am glad i did, i think you should just tell your mom too, i know it sounds like a hard thing to do but you will feel TONS better after telling her, and she will most likely like the fact taht you are being responsible about it and preventing the chances of getting pregnant. if you need any more advice, feel free to IM me,

just to throw this out there...birth control from places like planned parent hood can be expensive. and will be so much cheaper getting it prescribed to you if you have insurance. my friend pays 20-30 dollars a month for her birth control at a clinic, and mine is only 5 dollars a month thru my parents insurance. so if your parents have insurance it is going to save you alot of money.

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sounds like u just need to sit down with ur mom and have a 1 on 1 talk with her. . . tell her that u and ur bf have come to a part of ur relationship that u feel lk u can take it to the next level with him(dont tell her u already had sex) and tell her that by takin birth control if anything happens between u and ur bf that u wld feel safe and not need to worry about gettin pregnant.Health Question & Answer

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Go to planned parenthood, you don't need parent permission.Health Question & Answer

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