When i lay down the room starts spinning...?!

Question: When i lay down the room starts spinning....?
Hey guys. Sometimes I experience this and I'm not sure why. I lay down and the room starts spinning really fast and then I sit there for a few seconds and it stops. Then when I move my head again it does it all over again. Does anyone know what it could be.? It doesnt do it when I sit up, only when I lay down.

I only get it every once in awhile. It usually stops the next day or two...Health Question & Answer

sounds like vertigo.
could be caused by an ear infection.
go to a doctorHealth Question & Answer

I get that sometimes when i stand up. Ill be sitting and then stand up and itll be spinning sometimes i even fall. lol. in my case i think its because i was on a diet and not eating much at all... So i think thats what my problem was. Are you on a diet maybe.? just a theory... hope i helped :)Health Question & Answer

could be a few reasons... i have severe anxiety and i constantly get dizzy.. and i'm also anemic and that causes me to feel dizzy also.. but yeah could be other factors....Health Question & Answer

are you on drugs.... say no to drugs... ive been down that road..... 1st i was so sweet then i joined a gang then did crack weed meth now im just soo ugly;(Health Question & Answer

its very normal for girls. i get it like 24 7!Health Question & Answer

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