Am i old enough to wear tampons?!

Question: Am i old enough to wear tampons.?
im 12 and i started my period 8 days ago. i just hate the thought of sitting in my own blood and i don't like wearing pads in pe because everyone gets changed in the same room and im paranoid that they can see. pads are also really uncomfortable for me. and they keep on leaking. i started crying this morning thats how miserable i am. please help me out.Health Question & Answer

Yeah, go for it!

Maybe ask your mum for a little advice, I had my mum sitting outside the bathroom door the fist time I used them so she could give me some guidance if I yelled out for help of what to do :P
You are probably crying because of PMS too, which is also normal to feel emotional over strange things when you are on your period.

Oh, you can get some tampons that come with inserters. Which are so easy to use if you are new to tampons. I had some made by Tampax that were good.Health Question & Answer

If you are menstrating, you are old enough, however, be aware that you may have a bit of discomfort when you try using one the first few times. It can become very frustrating, but just remember to stay relaxed when you try and if you fail, than always try again using a new tampon. Never reuse them. If it is uncomfortable inside you, take it out, which may also hurt the first few times, and reinsert a fresh tampon.
Good luck sweetie!Health Question & Answer

personal experienceHealth Question & Answer

My friend told me she tried pads once, didn't like it, second period she had she started using tampons.
I think it's fine that you start using them whenever you feel comfortable.

but personally, I hate using tampons so I just stick with pads.
You can use whichever you like using better.
and your mom's a woman aswell,
she'll support you, don't feel embarrassed if that's the issue here, just go up to her and tell her that you wanna start using tampons.Health Question & Answer

I'm a woman (;Health Question & Answer

Yes, as soon as you start your periods, you're old enough. Use tampons and pads, until you feel confident enough to use the tampons on their own. If you started your period 8 days ago, it's likely that you're just about to end this period, so you'll probably want to start the tampons when you have your next period. Never use tampons when there's no bleeding. And make sure you change regularly.Health Question & Answer

tampons are totally fine!! GO FOR IT. they are SO much easier, comfortable, less smelly, less of a really wont be as self conscious.. also u may want to wear a panty liner on your heavy days so you dont go thru to your underwear, and they(the panty liners) are so thin your friends most likely wont notice those, but most people dont even wear a panty liner so if you choose not to, noone will know u are on ur period. . if you need any help, your mom would probably gladly give you advice on how to use them.

(there is no specific age that one should be to wear tampons, its whenever a girl starts her period and feels comfortable to wear one. also it does NOT mean you are no longer a virgin, i know that is a common misconception for young girls, im not going to go into detail as to why it isnt only because i do not feel i should because you are so young, and i wouldnt want someone telling my daugher that sort of things over the internet in case you havent learned about that stuff.)Health Question & Answer

Try to use pads as much as you can. Look up TSS and see if that helps. As for pe, I would wear a tampon for that. I was bullied for wearing pads, only because they knew it was that time though. Yes it's pretty obvious you're wearing a pad, both when you're getting changed and in your shorts. Question & Answer

No Problem at All . You can buy junior Tampons which are smaller , but at your age you should be able to fit a normal size tampon . Read the instructions carefully , how to insert . You may need to lubricate yourself at first using your finger , be sure to push it all the way into your vagina .
You could say " Mum I don't like using Pads , please could you buy me some tampons ". Alternatively ask your mother for some pocket money ; go to the supermarket , pharmacy , drug store and buy your own .Health Question & Answer

Hi! I totally understand where your coming from about wearing pads! I got my period when i was your age and i was sooo scared to insert a tampon but after a few months i used 1 and ill tell you what, there the best things invented, you cant even notice there in there and theres no leakage, your not to young to wear tampons i can assure you! There easy 2 put it and dont be scared! good luck sweetie- ill never go back to pads!Health Question & Answer

I know how you feel hun. I felt exactly the same at your age and still do if I'm honest! Get some tampons with applicators to start with as these are easier to use. You can also buy special slim ones which might be better to start with. Read the instructions in the box and try. If you can ask your mum or someone for advice then do. Good luck!Health Question & Answer

i hated pads too!

i started wearing tampons at 14, a year after i started my period. i think you'll be fine, just keep in mind at first they are uncomfortable and it ma take you some time to get them in right so they are comfortable.

good luckHealth Question & Answer

isnt being female so much fun sometimes.?!.?!Health Question & Answer

As far as I know, there is no age limit on wearing tampons. And, as long as you use them properly, the sooner you start using them the better. They are a much more hygienic and easier way of controlling your period.Health Question & Answer

yes that's fine i used them when i started just make sure that you change then regularly and you can wear them to bed but a pad is probably better when you are going to bed.Health Question & Answer

so fun being a girl isn't itHealth Question & Answer

If you think you will be more comfortable with one, then try it. If you don't like them you don't need to wear one :) no harm trying :)Health Question & Answer

oh baby it's okay. every girl gets the period. dont cry about it. just proves you are completely normal =]Health Question & Answer

its ok to use them at any age. just ask a parent to get them and show you how to use the correctly and you should be okHealth Question & Answer

its fine if yoy wear tampons on i like pads betta lol xxHealth Question & Answer

of corse! all you need is a little practice! Just tell your mum that you might want to try a tampon.Health Question & Answer

i would say yes you are, i started using them at 14Health Question & Answer

it fine!!!!!!!Health Question & Answer

you dont have to be any age!Health Question & Answer

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