My vaginal area is really itchy where the clitoris lies. why is this?!

Question: My vaginal area is really itchy where the clitoris lies. why is this.?
Okay this didn't happen until i have gotten discharge. I haven't had my period. My lips of my vaginal part is like saggy and a dark purple brownish color. And sometimes i get bumps. I do not masturbate and i've never had sex. Someone help me is it normal.? and i do shower everyday so its cleanHealth Question & Answer

i think that's normal it happened to me too...i think its just that the discharge is too strong so it irritates it..when you take a shower wash it reallly really good ...try to use a body wash: anti-bacterial...or something that doesnt contain any creams or anything in it.....if the discharge is brownish then your period is about to start..,if its white then its fine your vagina is probably just cleaning out...i would recommend to rinse it with Chamomile Tea...and when you take a shower just rinse it with that....chamomile tea is good for inflamation...just water and tea...if you have never seen the chamomile tea thats in the box and it has little bags of tea in there....boil the water and place one or two little bags in the depends how much water you helps:) ive tried it...Health Question & Answer

It would be useful to know what kind of discharge you getting. If you find it's greenish or brownish in colour, or smells different, it could be an infection. If you find it is white and lumpier than normal, it could be thrush (naturally occurring yeast infection). Either way, the best thing is not to guess what you have. You need to go to your doctor and get treatment for what you have. It'll be gone within a week.Health Question & Answer

You may have over cleaned, this can change the chemistry of your vagina. I used to douche and this happened to me, the doctor advised never using douche as it gets rid of the protective bacteria and increases the risk of infection. It cleared up quickly once I had seen the doc. It sounds like a yeast infection, easily cleared up but best to check. Try using femme fresh wash in future rather than soap or shower gel.Health Question & Answer

My guess is that you are washing too much in that area , which is destroying the natural flora . The Vulva and Vagina including Clitoris are self cleansing and do not need lots of soap and water . Could you be masturbating in the shower/bath using soap and water as a lubricant . You might try a little Canestan Cream . Tell your mother , Go and see your doctor .Health Question & Answer

Nothing to worry about because your not sexually active so don't stress, but do see a doctor it could be thrush which even babies get! Its treated by a cream. or it could be a ingredient that you use to wash yourself with that doesn't agree with you.. Don't be scared, all girls/ women have or will experienced this in there life time. Good luck.Health Question & Answer

Go and see your gyno immediately.

If you are not having any sex, then there may be something changing in your body.

Again, see your gyno immediately.

Good luck!!!Health Question & Answer

maybe try putting some cortisone lotion on to get rid of the itch, but make sure that it says it is okay to put on that area first.Health Question & Answer

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