What is the name of the hormone in body that cause hair excessive grow?!

Question: What is the name of the hormone in body that cause hair excessive grow.?
What hormone in women cause body hair grow or make the hair thick.? And how can you fix it.? Or what can you eat to decrease the level of this hormone.? Is there anyway.?
Thank you.Health Question & Answer

All women have a small amount of testosterone in their bodies. What you are probably referring to is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, an abnormal amount of testosterone caused by cysting (the appearance of bumps) on the ovaries. It affects approximately 10% of the female population. It cant exactly be 'cured' but can be relieved some what. Google it for more information, there's just too much info to write down. Hope that helps.Health Question & Answer

I think its testosterone, but don't quote me on that... One of my friends has that prob and if I remember correctly she produced too much testosterone... Not sure what she did as far as diet wise... Unfortunately her waxer knows her by name lol... Not to make a joke out of your situation or anything... She was taking some pills she got from the dermatologist that helped counteract the hormone that worked really good until she got prego and then the hair growth got worse.. Hope that helps a little!Health Question & Answer

testosterone. the male hormone..Health Question & Answer

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