Will my boobs grow :(?!

Question: Will my boobs grow :(.?
I'm 16 and I am flat chested. I'm 5'5'' and a bra size 34 A. I hate it! All my friends have boobs (and complain they are too small when they aren't) when I don't.
My BGF teases me about it and some of my friends...

Will they grow.? How can I make them at least look bigger.?Health Question & Answer

Aww.... Thats the same prob wid me too!!!! :((

My friends are always after my life for it! Though I feel miserable... I've learned to love and accept my body the way it is.

I'm just your height, and have the same cup size.

So u should have some idea, how I must feel!

But, your breasts aren't the only thing in you, sweetie! So don't feel bad. You sure have, so many more qualities better than ur friends, who tease u for this!

Cause beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Stop cribbing over it!

LOVE YOURSELF! :)Health Question & Answer

If u still need to know, about how to make ur boobs look big...

try visiting here ...>>>>..

http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Small-Boobs-...Health Question & Answer

Puberty is different for every girl, like, you could get boobs before period or the other way around. Everyones body works in different ways. They will grow, and you never know, they could just have a big growing spurt!
Ignore anyone who teases you because they obviously don't know how different all our bodies are.
Just be patient and before you know it you'll have boobs bigger than everyone else!
Hope this helped.
-AlyHealth Question & Answer

Almost five years of weird puberty !Health Question & Answer

I have the same problem! I've been like this and Im 19! Everybody is different so you might have a chance of getting bigger ones. To make them look bigger I would say use a padded bra or a push up bra. those tend to work!

You just have to accept your body. Thats what I had to do! I hope I helped =)Health Question & Answer

Girls with small boobs are cute. You won't get stretch marks, they won't sag, all the cute bras come in your size, and you can wear tops without a bra, so cute n_nHealth Question & Answer

bisexual boy.Health Question & Answer

I'm 4'1, 45.2lbs almost 14 and I still wear singlets and I don't have any puberty! I rock!Health Question & Answer

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