How many straight women find penises to be unattractive/gross?!

Question: How many straight women find penises to be unattractive/gross.?
Now that I've met a couple, I want to know if it's that common.Health Question & Answer

i actually don't think they're gross looking, but i wouldn't want to sit and stare at one, hahahah.
i cared a lot about my past boyfriends, and i think when you're that close to them, you like everything about them, including physical things. i know it sounded super cheesy, but that's how i see it.Health Question & Answer

life, i suppose.Health Question & Answer

Well the male form certainly isn't as aesthetically pleasing as the female one, that's from a heterosexual point of view and that is a general consensus I think. However, I don't find penises gross... if it's interfering with your relationship it might be a good idea to talk to a professional, there may be a reason behind these feelings.
XXHealth Question & Answer

Yes...they are pretty awful looking...that is why playgirl will never be as big as playboy. That is just the way it is. and then there's circumsized and un...definitely not pretty either way. Good thing I love my husband...lolHealth Question & Answer

I love my boyfriend, but I do find myself wondering from time to time if the architecture was meant to be a deterrent. That said, I wouldn't give any aesthetic design prizes to the vagina either:)Health Question & Answer

well they aren't exactly beautiful are they......Health Question & Answer

very unattractive, especially if the area around is not shaved!Health Question & Answer

i personally find them unattractive..........that DOESNT make me gay!
what about you.?Health Question & Answer

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